SDL-News: Again: inheritance - types and instances

Subject: SDL-News: Again: inheritance - types and instances
From: Georg Heinrich (
Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 06:19:01 GMT

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assuming there is a block type t_blk_1 that contains a (virtual) process
type t_prc_1 and one instance of this process type, prc_1.
If you specialize this block type to t_blk_2 , both the instance and the
type definition of the process are inherited. Then you redefine the
process type t_prc_1.

Now the question:

Of which type is the process instance prc_1 in the specialized subtype
a) <<block type t_blk_1>> t_prc_1
b) <<block type t_blk_2>> t_prc_1

i.e. is the process instance of the redefined type or not?
Does it depend on the virtuality of the block type t_blk_1?

I think b) has to be true, because the example in Z.100 - Appendix I,
EXAMPLE I.4-6...10 only works if it is.

Thanks for your help :)

        G. Heinrich

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