SDL-News: Re: remote variable and process types

Subject: SDL-News: Re: remote variable and process types
From: Georg Heinrich (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 11:20:49 GMT

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Georg Heinrich wrote:

> A block contains processes of two types, one process of the first type
> and all the others of the second type. The first process has a continous
> signal transition for each of the other processes. Therefore it has an
> imported variable from each of them.
> How do I declare this remote variable in the second process type?

I think I found a solution now in Z.100 4.13:

The variable in the second process type is declared as an exported
variable. Every instance of this type has this exported variable.
In the first process I can specify a destination from where the variable
is exported in the import expression.

I think this should solve my problem.


        G. Heinrich

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