SDL-News: SDL as finite-state machines

Subject: SDL-News: SDL as finite-state machines
From: Timothy Boles (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 00:34:37 GMT

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I am a graduate student working on my masters thesis which deals with Message Sequence
Charts and finite-state machines. If my understanding is correct SDL specifications can
be written as extended finite-state machines. I have been trying to review tools that work
with MSC and/or finite-state machines (SDLs) to see if they do either of the following.

1. Assuming that a finite-state machine (SDL architecture) is given and an acceptable set
of scenarios (MSCs) for the processes, can I check to see if a new MSC specification works
in the given system? (I have been told that ObjectGEODE does this, as well as Telelogic's
SDT toolset)

2. Assuming that a finite-state machine (SDL architecture) is given with some initial
behaviors for the processes, and a new MSC specification has to be added to these initial
behaviors. What changes need to be made? (I have not come across anything for this.)

My questions to you are these:
1. Does anyone know of any tools/alogrithms that allow you to do either of these tasks
(really looking for ##2)? (Please include vendor/researcher that I might contact in hopes
of obtaining a copy for research)

2. Do you know of anyone that I could contact for some "real world" specifications?
I am going to do a case study within my thesis and was hoping that someone might have some
"unclassified" specifications that I might run my theories against. I can make something
up myself but I think the thesis would be better if I could use a "real world" example. I
will gladly acknowledge within the thesis where the specifications come from and freely
distribute my findings to the participating party. I am looking for specifications that
already have message sequence charts and some sort of finite-state machines involved (SDL
or otherwise).

Please email me at

You help would greatly be appreciated.


Tim Boles
Database Administrator
West Virginia University at Parkersburg
300 Campus Drive
Parkersburg, WV  26101-9577

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