SDL-News: Re:How to accelerate the SDL simulations

Subject: SDL-News: Re:How to accelerate the SDL simulations
From: Yang Yang (
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 02:06:02 GMT

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Hi, memeber,
   I want to thank Andreas, Mike,Anthony, Javier, Frend and all of you, It is so
kind of you!
   I forgot to say that I was using telelogic tools on Windows platform, sorry for
my carelessness! I find out that setting the trace value to 0 will greatly
accelerate the simulation, and this isn't inconvenient because I can examine the
value of the important variables when the simualtions finishes. And running the
simluations in the MS-DOS Command Window will drastically improve performance,
though it is somewhat complex compared to using Simulator UI.
   Thank all of you a second time!

best regards,

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