Re: SDL-News: How to accelerate the SDL simulations

Subject: Re: SDL-News: How to accelerate the SDL simulations
From: Andreas Metzger (
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 16:40:02 GMT

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Hi again,

now that Mike mentions the windows UI of Telelogic Tau...

We have measured a performance reduction of up to a factor of 100
compared to the UNIX-GUI. Running the .exe-files from the MS-DOS Command
Window will drastically increase performance (even if the trace
level/output is set to high).


~ Andreas

Mike Rudnick wrote:

| As Anthony points out, you didn't mention what SDL implementation/tool
| you are using. What are you using? And if it's Tau, are you running on
| a windows box or under unix?
| I'll assume for the moment you are using Telelogic Tau, though these
| common-sense principles will probably apply to other implementations as
| well. As previously pointed out, the primary factor limiting how fast
| your simulation runs is CPU cycles on the machine running the
| simulation. So anything you can to reduce the number of cycles needed,
| or increase the number of cycles available will help. Andreas made a
| suggestion on the reducing-number-of-cycles-needed side of the
| equation. Tony provided some insight as to how Tau's simulation runs in
| its event-driven simulation mode.
| I'd suggest you try running the simulation from the command prompt
| rather than via the Organizer and it's suite of interactive user
| interface (UI) windows/applications. The cycles spent to run the
| window UI display stuff are wasted cycles from the simulation
| perspective. Likewise for tracing and logs - try running with all
| tracing/logging turned off versus turned on to see how much that's
| costing you cycle-wise. Then you can put back only essential
| tracing/logging.
| Apart from limiting cycles wasted on OS/UI stuff, you can try to
| optimize both your executable, ie, see if you can turn up the
| optimization level on the compiler used to build the SDL simulation
| executable. Check to see if there's other run-time cycle-usage
| optimizations available in the SDL run-time system code. For example,
| perhaps unused cycle-wasting features in the SDL simulation run-time
| system can be turned off or compiled out.
| Finally, you can try expanding upon what Andreas and Tony said by
| optimizing the SDL model being simulated, potentially a great source of
| cycle savings.
| Please let me know if any of this helps,
| Mike
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| Hi,members,
| I am now simulating the designed routing protocol in a network
| which consists of
| 25 nodes. And we all know in SDL, the time is not the real time, but
| a virtual
| scheduled concept. I find out that the simulation is very slow. It
| will take me 2
| days to finish the simulation of just 5000 time units. CPU in my
| computer is P4
| 2.4C, and the memory is 512M DDR.
| I want to ask how I can accelerate the simulations? Is setting the
| trace value
| to 0(forbidding the display of the trace) useful? Any other
| Thanks in advance!
| Yang
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