SDL-News: Re: [SDLTF-Members] Possible conflict is only a potential problem

Subject: SDL-News: Re: [SDLTF-Members] Possible conflict is only a potential problem
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Fri Mar 12 2004 - 10:22:43 GMT

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William H. Skelton at wrote on 11/03/04 23:54:

> Dear Rick,
> Thank you for your detailed explanation, but the point is a very short
> one. As the SDL-Forum is a registered, non-commercial society, we should
> be careful to clearly define the roles and targets, if you are representing
> a commercial company on a trip funded by the SDL-Forum.

I am not receiving funds from any other organisation to participate in the
current SG17 meeting. Anyway, I will may not be well enough to travel, in
which case the this is a non-issue.
> Equally we should be careful that a commercial company, such as TSE, does
> not give the impression it may be using the task force results towards the
> ITU-T or other organisations, which you decline to mention.

I am not using the Task Force public documents for any other work.
Should there be a similar statement from anyone who participates in the task
force, or comments on texts or makes contributions? Is a declaration of
interest required from everyone?
> These are only potential problems; perhaps to close the subject you could
> briefly confirm neither of them apply.
> Just for reference, the SDL Task Force does consider itself autonomous, but
> aligned with the SDL-Forum. It does not use any email or Internet
> facilities of the SDL-Forum and even if the groups were linked, it does not
> explain why a derived document bearing a TSE copyright notice and deleted
> references to the SDL Task Force is in circulation.

I understood the intention was to use the SDL Forum WWW site.
I was surprised to find the web pages were being hosted at Solinet's IP
address. I was expecting to be contacted about setting up pages within the

As far as copyright is concerned, I do not think the copyright information
in the Task Force documents is satisfactory. It does not mention who the
Task Force is, and it therefore seems that Solinet assumes ownership of any
contributions made to the Task Force. Moreover the conditions stated would
prevent an organisation (even Solinet!) from producing tools that combine
the language with (for example) a command control enhancement.

My understanding of copyright is that the copyright always belongs to an
author (or joint authors) even without a copyright clause and has to be
specifically assigned to permit others to use it. This is why it is usually
covered by any contract of employment or for work done.

> These are exactly the kinds of thing we should be careful to avoid.

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