SDL-News: Array of char to Charstring

Subject: SDL-News: Array of char to Charstring
From: Helge Tepstad (AS/ETO) (
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 11:11:24 GMT

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I'm running Telelogic Tau SDL Suite 4.5.2 under Win2000 OS
I have a question regarding converting of array of char to Charstring sort.
Is it possible to, in a nice-looking way, to convert an array of char to a charstring ?
Perhaps an operator?

My array is defined as :

  Array (CharIdx_T, char)

SYNTYPE CharIdx_T = int

Normally I would convert this array of char to Charstring in this way :

DCL cStr Charstring := '';
DCL c1 CharArr_T;
for (DCL tmp_i int := 1, tmp_i < NameStringC, tmp_i+1)
      cStr := cStr // mkstring(c1(tmp_i));

But there has to be a nicer way to do this ?? Is there also a nice way to convert a Charstring to array of char ??
This problem also appears when I import a c-header file, where an array is defined as 'char c2[x]'.
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