SDL-News: about generating random numbers

Subject: SDL-News: about generating random numbers
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 11:36:36 GMT

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   I want to generate random numbers in SDL system. According to the help file, it
will be right if I try as follows:
   1. The data type RandomControl may be included in any SDL system using an
analyzer include statement, /*##include '' */
   2. As the C standard functions log and exp are used in the file, it
is necessary to link the application together with the library for math functions,
i.e. to have -lm in the link operation in the makefile.
   And in fact, it is ok in the analyzing stage, yet the c compiler can't
recognize -lm parameter. I am using tau 4.3 + VC6.0, how can I solve the problem?
   except for this way, according to "how to import c code in SDL system", I
import "math.h" in SDL system and hope it works,but it also doesn't work, what's

   Thanks in advance!
Yang Yang

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