SDL-News: SDL Forum & ITU-T

Subject: SDL-News: SDL Forum & ITU-T
From: William H. Skelton (
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 12:52:59 GMT

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Dear Rick,

In the SDL Task Force I have just seen your email mentioning the
reorganization of SG17, in particular the merger of the language related
activities and the new role of Os Monkawich.

Does this reorganization affect the work you have doing on behalf of the
SDL Forum? Are you still representing the SDL Forum at the SG17 meetings
next week in Geneva?

To help the task force synchronize with the SDL Forum, could you very
briefly summarize the target that you are trying to achieve at the ITU-T on
behalf of the SDL Forum? Are you representing any other organisations
during this work, that we should take into account?


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