RE: SDL-News: Tau Validator locks up

Subject: RE: SDL-News: Tau Validator locks up
From: Christian Fluegel (
Date: Tue Aug 26 2003 - 12:02:04 GMT

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-----From "Christian Fluegel" <> to sdlnews ----- schrieb am 26.08.03 09:11:20:
> if you send your system to me, I can take a look at it.
> It would also be useful to take a look at the system before your
> modifications to compare with.

My project is part of a company research project and therefore I am not allowed to disclose too much of it.

My System consists of two Protocol stacks connected by a medium. (The medium consists of one process designed randomly lose messages)

I am currently working on the link layer of our protocol. My last changes involved implementing some kind of alternating bit protocol to test our mac-layer.

I added some retransmission timers and the corresponding states. The way I implemented it might lead to a possible livelock situation. (It was rather quick-and-dirty)

I have tested several different validator settings (proirities, port length, depth, scheduling) all to no effect.

Maybe I can work up some examples to illustrate what i am doing

> It might be a Validator defect, since normally the Validator detects
> deadlocks, livelocks etc.

This would be quite unfortunate. Is there a way to recover from the lock up or to get some kind of debugging info? It would help pinpoint the problem.

> Do you know if you added anything particular (language-wise) in your latest
> modifications?

Three to four new Timers used for the retransmission of lost packets.



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