SDL-News: Tau Validator locks up

Subject: SDL-News: Tau Validator locks up
From: Christian Fluegel (
Date: Mon Aug 25 2003 - 23:32:55 GMT

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I am currently working on a SDL Specification of moderate size (> 100 Pages). I use the Telelogic Tau Development Suite (4.4 Patchlevel 6 on Windows 2000) and its corresponding tools simulator and validator to test and validate my system.

After my latest modifications to the spec the validator locks up during bitspace explorations. It looks like an infinite loop. No new states and Transitions are produced no reports are generated and the validator doesn't respond to user input. The only way to stop the validator is by killing it in the task manager. The effect is reproducable and always occurs after a specific number of generated system states so i assume that there is a bug in my system specification. Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce similar behaviour in the simulator.

memory usage is not critical There is still more than 75% free.

Has anybody encountered something similar and could offer help. Is there a way to discern which system state leads to this behaviour? is it a bug in Tau?



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