Re: SDL-News: Inheritance

Subject: Re: SDL-News: Inheritance
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 20:40:08 GMT

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Dear Keith,

I have opened your model with Cinderella Viewer, and checked that
it is identical to the model in my book on figs. 135 to 138.

Here is the check with ObjectGeode of the model in my book
(not that I have used the "-itu" version to get errors if
non ITU-T SDL faetures were used):

F:\DONNEES\TRANSMET\livre1_SDL\modeles\exemplSDL>geodecheck -itu -v
SDL Editor V4.2.2 geodecheck (c) Copyright 1988-2001 by Telelogic AB. All
rights reserved.
.. "" parsed
.. "/test2/protocol/manager" checked
.. "/test2/protocol/entity" checked
.. "/test2/protocol" checked
.. "/test2/ss7/manager" checked
.. "/test2/ss7/routingcontrol" checked
.. "/test2/ss7" checked
.. "/test2/side_1" checked
.. "/test2/side_2" checked
.. "/test2" checked
"", (0 information)
"", 0 warning
"", 0 error

Therefore if you get an error in Cinderella with your model,
there are three solutions:
1. Because it is late (10:30 pm) I made a mistake somewhere, or
2. Cinderella checker has a bug, or
3. ObjectGeode checker has a bug.

Kind regards,

At 10:13 21/08/2003 EDT, you wrote:
Dear Laurent.

I think that to send the file as a text file would mask the problem because
the process of conversion from GR to PR seems to remove the problem. The PR
representation isn't exactly the same as the GR representation. Thus I have
attached the Cinderella file *.cbf.

I hope you don't mind that I have made this change to your request. It may
be that you don't have Cinderella, but I can assure that it needs to viewed
in the original graphical format.

Keith Moss
Attachment Converted: "F:\donnees\transmet\mails\doldi_L\attach\Project2.cbf"


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