Re: SDL-News: Inheritance

Subject: Re: SDL-News: Inheritance
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 10:27:00 GMT

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Dear Keith,

All the examples contained in "SDL Illustrated" (except the SDL2000 part,
naturally) have been checked by ObjectGeode, and all non-standard features
have normally been either removed or indicated.

I am a bit surprised by: "I should not specify the new instance in the
form entity:Block_Type but just entity".
A PDF or Word print of your SDL model would help us understanding what is

Kind regards,

At 13:07 20/08/2003 EDT, you wrote:
Hello all

I seem to have found out what I was doing wrong when redefining a block
type that inherits from another block type. As was pointed out I have to
change the attribute to existing but more than that I should not specify
the new instance in the form entity:Block_Type but just entity. When I do
that all my error messages disappear.

As I said in my last email I tried using GR to PR and PR to GR and ended up
with a system without errors of the form that I was trying to create. I
realised the subtle difference in the models this morning. I assume that
the form shown in Laurent Doldi's book is for the TAU tools. I just thought
that if somebody using Cinderella would like to note the change required.

Keith Moss

Laurent DOLDI
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