RE: SDL-News: Import/Export - reg

Subject: RE: SDL-News: Import/Export - reg
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 20:01:58 GMT

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Dear sir,

It is necessary to change a few things in your system to make the import of
a variable work.

There must be a remote declaration to set the scope for the variable.
You must make an import operation in the importing process.
There must be an export statement in the exporting process.

Try the following:
*** START ***

package referenced;

package mypackage;
  signal setx(integer),fromp2(integer);

use mypackage;
block myblock;
  remote x integer;
  signalroute SR1 from p2 to env with fromp2;
  signalroute SR2 from p1 to env with setx;
  process p1 referenced;
  process p2 referenced;

process <<block myblock>>p2;
  imported x integer;

  nextstate waitx;

  state waitx;
   input none;
   output fromp2(import(x));
   nextstate -;
  endstate waitx;

process<<block myblock>>p1;
  signalset setx;
  dcl exported x integer;

  nextstate init;
  state init;
   input setx(x);
  endstate init;

*** END ***

Best regards,

John Svensson

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