SDL-News: Import/Export - reg

Subject: SDL-News: Import/Export - reg
From: Elangovan Angannan (
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 12:48:16 GMT

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-----From Elangovan Angannan <> to sdlnews -----

Dear SDL experts,

I am new to SDL. Could you please help in clarifying
my doubt regarding exporting variables?

I have developed a system with a block "myblock"
containing two processes "p1" and "p2". p1 contains an
exported variable. But I was not able to import the
variable from p2. I have given the system in SDL/PR
notation below:

*** START ***

package referenced;

package mypackage;
  signal setx(integer),fromp2(integer);

use mypackage;
block myblock;
  signalroute SR1 from p2 to env with fromp2;
  signalroute SR2 from p1 to env with setx;
  process p1 referenced;
  process p2 referenced;

process <<block myblock>>p2;
  imported x integer;

  nextstate waitx;

  state waitx;
   input none;
   output fromp2(x);
   nextstate -;
  endstate waitx;

process<<block myblock>>p1;
  signalset setx;
  dcl exported x integer;

  nextstate init;
  state init;
   input setx(x);
  endstate init;

*** END ***

Thanks a lot for any help

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