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Subject: Re: SDL-News: SDL Service Specifications
From: Eckhardt Holz (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 11:21:38 GMT

Dear Lee Kilayko-Domingo,

if you have long-term plans using SDL, I would recommend you not to use
the service concept. This concept has been removed in the latest
of the language SDL (SDL-2000). There are a series of new concepts in
that can be used to obtain the advantages of the old service concept:
- processes in processes (agents)
- blocks with state machines (agents)
- shared data for processes and blocks
- composite states and state aggregations.
Although tools for SDL currently do not yet support all these concepts,
I would advice you, not to use concepts that will be outdated soon.

For some information on SDL-2000 see the sdl-forum website or my tutorial on SDL-2000 at

Best regards

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> Hello -
> I am a relatively new SDL developer and some colleagues referred me to this
> forum for advise on the use of SDL service specifications.
> We develop with Telelogic TAU 3.6.2 and use the Cadvanced code generator to
> generate "lightly-integrated" code. I am the first to explore the use of
> SDL service specifications in our implementation. The advantages I see are
> the increased readability and the modularization that may facilitate the
> merge procedures.
> I already verified with Telelogic tech support that there are no known
> problems related to services and light integration.
> Actually, I am trying to justify the use of services to my colleagues and
> the answers to the following questions would be very helpful:
> - Are there any disadvantages to using services?
> - Why use services instead of procedures?
> - Are there guidelines on the use of services?
> Thank you.
> Lee Kilayko-Domingo
> Senior Software Engineer
> Opuswave Networks, Inc.
> (719) 955-7510
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