SDL-News: SDL Service Specifications

Subject: SDL-News: SDL Service Specifications
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 00:11:09 GMT

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Hello -

I am a relatively new SDL developer and some colleagues referred me to this
forum for advise on the use of SDL service specifications.

We develop with Telelogic TAU 3.6.2 and use the Cadvanced code generator to
generate "lightly-integrated" code. I am the first to explore the use of
SDL service specifications in our implementation. The advantages I see are
the increased readability and the modularization that may facilitate the
merge procedures.

I already verified with Telelogic tech support that there are no known
problems related to services and light integration.

Actually, I am trying to justify the use of services to my colleagues and
the answers to the following questions would be very helpful:

- Are there any disadvantages to using services?
- Why use services instead of procedures?
- Are there guidelines on the use of services?

Thank you.

Lee Kilayko-Domingo
Senior Software Engineer
Opuswave Networks, Inc.
(719) 955-7510

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