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Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 12:50:08 GMT

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Guy Durrieu <> wrote to sdlnews:
> I have a question about substructures in SDL.
> As I understand the mechanism, substructures allow the specification
> of two "views" for a component : a comportemental view and a
> structural view.
> As a consequence, a system specification may imply several system
> instances. An instance is characterized by a "consistent partitioning
> subset". Maybe the simulation results using one set will be a bit
> different from those obtained using another set.
> My question is: how is achieved the choice of a specific consistent
> partitioning subset?
> I guess that the designer of the system should explicitly say at a
> given time: "for this composant, for this simulation, I want to use
> the comportemental view instead of the structural view".
> But I wasn't able to find out how this is actually done. It would be
> great if somebody could help me.

Z.100 does not define how to choose a consistent partitioning subset when
interpretation takes place. This is therefore tool dependent.

However, there are other ways of specifying the same thing that is well
defined in the language. One way is to enclose the alternative blocks in
mutually exclusive optional definitions (SELECT IF). Another alternative is
use types. Macros could be used to selectively include one block or the

In any case, this substructure feature is deleted in SDL-2000.

In SDL-92 block within blocks was considered to be a shorthand for blocks in
a substructure within a block. In SDL-2000 this is allowed directly.

Rick Reed, SDL rapporteur.

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