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Subject: SDL-News: substructure
From: Guy Durrieu (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 08:38:08 GMT

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I have a question about substructures in SDL.

As I understand the mechanism, substructures allow the specification
of two "views" for a component : a comportemental view and a
structural view.

As a consequence, a system specification may imply several system
instances. An instance is characterized by a "consistent partitioning
subset". Maybe the simulation results using one set will be a bit
different from those obtained using another set.

My question is: how is achieved the choice of a specific consistent
partitioning subset?

I guess that the designer of the system should explicitly say at a
given time: "for this composant, for this simulation, I want to use
the comportemental view instead of the structural view".

But I wasn't able to find out how this is actually done. It would be
great if somebody could help me.

Thanks in advance!


--Guy Durrieu.

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