SDL-News: Priority of signals

Subject: SDL-News: Priority of signals
From: Juan Pablo Albaladejo (Javier ()
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 17:35:22 GMT

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-----From (Juan Pablo Albaladejo (Javier)) to sdlnews -----

Dear sirs:

        I am interested in definig the priority of three signals that must be
received in one state. I know that there is a symbol called priority input that
enables reception of prioritised signals, but it allows only two priority levels
and I wold like to work with three levels.
        I wold be very grateful if you could send me information on how can I
define the priority of signals. Either if it must be done when definig the
signals or if it is a matter of their reception.
        Thanks in advance.
        Juan Pablo.

-----End text from (Juan Pablo Albaladejo (Javier)) to sdlnews -----
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