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Subject: RE: SDL-News: SDL Tool
Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 11:40:53 GMT

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> I agree with you that developing an SDL Editor is not a trivial task.
> However, the price the market is ready to pay is not related to the
> amount of effort programmers have invested in the product. It is only
> related to benefits it can provide to customers.

Which makes it a marketing issue, hence the following formula for a
business success:
  user_benefits * no_user > product_devellopment_efford

So what is needed is more users, which requires a cheaper way to get
into using the tools, which again requires an investment from the tool

One suggestion could be shareware versions of the tools, eg. putting
older versions out as shareware. This would broadenen the audience.

  Kjeld Flarup

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