SDL-News: Sdl-Documention

Subject: SDL-News: Sdl-Documention
Date: Thu Jun 12 1997 - 15:05:45 GMT

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I'm looking for a simle Sdl-Spezification like the Z100 (but I don't
want to pay 75.- sFr) or a good book for "sdl-beginners".

I fount this one: SDL - Formal Object-oriented Language for

Communicating Systems (from Ellsberger, J.; Hogrefe, D.; Sarma, A.).

But this one is for Sdl-96.

I want to work with SDT and I think, it provides Sdl-92.

Are there better books, papers or free spezificaions for me?

If someone can help me with this, please mail me.


Steffen ;-) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Steffen Weiss


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