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Subject: SDL-News: News from ITU-T
From: Rick Reed (
Date: Sat Sep 15 2012 - 11:23:57 GMT

Dear Colleagues,

The SDL-2010 version of the Specification and Description Language, which was approved by ITU-T in December 2011 was fully published by ITU-T at the start September 2012. 
Members of the Society can download a .zip file containing all the published .pdf and MSword files from <>.
The ITU-T files can also be individually downloaded via <>. There is a charge for MSWord files from ITU-T.

The ITU-T Study Group responsible for the System Design Languages:
Study Group 17 (SG17 <>) finished its last meeting in the current (2009-2012) study period on 7th September 2012.
The results of this meeting for System Design Languages was to consent for approval:
SG17 has proposed to the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-12 <>) that all these System Design Languages languages except Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) are covered by a single study Question under SG17. Assuming that this is agreed by WTSA-12, this Question will meet in  the first SG17 meeting of the 2013-2016 period 17 - 26 April 2013. The current work continues until the next meeting to the existing Questions - Q13/17 under myself (Rick Reed) and Q.14/17 under  Dieter Hogrefe <>.

It is planned for the next meeting to update the SDL+ methodology document, and work on revising the Formal definition of the Specification and Description Language (Z.100 Annex F) for SDL-2010. Contributors to either work area are welcome. The SDL+ methodology is being coordinated by myself (Rick Reed). The Z.100 Annex F work is being coordinated by Edel Mary Sherrat <>.

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