SDL-News: SDL-2010 Approved by ITU and (Pre-published) versions available

Subject: SDL-News: SDL-2010 Approved by ITU and (Pre-published) versions available
From: Rick Reed (
Date: Wed Jan 25 2012 - 17:48:30 GMT

Dear Colleagues,

The texts for SDL-2010 completed the ITU Alternative Approval Process (AAP) approval procedure for technical standards after both a review and additional review of the texts consented for the process at the ITU SG 17 meeting in September 2011. The process was completed in December 2011, and the announcement that the texts were approved after additional review was made on 16 Jan 2012 (Ref: TSB AAP-74).

The pre-published texts are available from the following WWW pages (at no charge to TIES account holders - the ITU makes a charge for both the MSWORD and PDF versions of pre-published texts for non TIES account members).

Z.100 : Specification and Description Language (SDL): Overview of SDL-2010
Z.101 : Specification and description language: Basic SDL-2010
Z.102 : Specification and description language: Comprehensive SDL-2010
Z.103 : Specification and description language: Shorthand notation and annotation in SDL-2010
Z.104 : Specification and description language: Data and action language in SDL-2010
Z.105 : Specification and description language: SDL-2010 combined with ASN.1 modules
Z.106 : Specification and description language: Common interchange format for SDL-2010

A final published version will produced by the ITU from these pre-published texts at which time the PDF version will be available without charge (there is still a charge to non-TIES account holders for the MSWORD version).

The Specification and Description Language implementer's guide that applies for this edition of the language was approved in September 2011, but (at the request of SG17) was withheld form publication until the SDL-2010 texts were approved. The implementer's guide is free of charge and can be found at:
Z.Imp100 : Specification and Description Language implementer's guide - Version 2.0.0

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NOTE: June 2013 - Links for Z.100 to Z.106 updated to published versions

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