SDL-News: SAM2012 proceedings (LNCS 7744) now available

Subject: SDL-News: SAM2012 proceedings (LNCS 7744) now available
From: Rick Reed (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2013 - 11:36:48 GMT

Dear Colleagues,

The SAM2012 proceedings (LNCS 7744) - System Analysis and Modeling: Theory and Practice - is now available from Springer.
You can find information about it at
or access the online version at

Please note, the basic Springer philosophy is that the Springer Global Website is the main source of information about products, and therefore also the best place to search for something, while SpringerLink is a content system.

System Analysis and Modeling (SAM) is a workshop held once every 2 years by the SDL Forum Society and concerns the ITU-T System Design Languages (ITU-T Rec. X.68x series - ASN.1, Z.10x series SDL-2010, Z.12x series - MSC, Z.15x series - URN, Z.16x to Z.17x series - TTCN) and related languages such as OMG UML.

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