SDL-News: SDL Transition atomic or not ?

Subject: SDL-News: SDL Transition atomic or not ?
From: Simon Bouland (
Date: Mon Mar 29 2010 - 15:54:31 GMT

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Hello all,

Could you help me about a semantic detail.
Is transition execution atomic, or is it possible for a signal to be queued in
the input port, during a transition ?

The following code illustrates my question :

PROCESS p1(0,1);


/* Transition t1 */
    INPUT in1;
    OUTPUT out1;
    OUTPUT out2;

/* Transition t2 */
    INPUT in2;
    OUTPUT out3;



During execution of t1, is it possible for another process to send in2 into the
input queue of p1 between the emission of out1 and out2.

Simon Bouland
INRIA expert Engineer
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