SDL-News: SDL2000 "this" concept

Subject: SDL-News: SDL2000 "this" concept
From: Margarita de Cabo Pérez (
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 09:40:36 GMT

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I'd like to know what exactly is the meaning of "this". I have the
following SDL-PR:

  block type o_Fork_CO;
    /* defines the factory process */
    process type o_Fork_factory;
      gate factory
        in with <<package phil_interface/package DiningPhilosopher/
                package o_Fork/package factory>>o_Fork_factory;

        channel nodelay
        from this via factory to env;

      /* Rest of the process type */

    endprocess type o_Fork_factory;

        /*Rest of block type*/

endblock type;

I want to know from where (process type or block type) goes the
channel, what means "this" in this example. Cinderella does not make a
correct GR from this PR.



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