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Subject: Fwd: RE: SDL-News: Fwd: [SDLTF-Members] SDL IS IN DANGER
From: William H. Skelton (W.Skelton#SOLINET.com)
Date: Fri Dec 19 2003 - 00:30:16 GMT

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Dear Richard,

Thank you for this serious contribution, which is much appreciated.

The issue of reordering has been addressed on the task force mailing list
(www.SDL-Task-Force.org) and the current status is, it is open for discussion.

Reordering with save has some limitations, including transparency and no
way to flush saved signals in a controlled and atomic way (raised by
Alkis). Under consideration to avoid these limitations is a suggestion
from Ottawa University to have a 'combined event', consisting of several
events that can happen in any order.

Perhaps you missed these comments, but it would be interesting to know your

I am also interested in your comments about simplifying an SDL design if
save is not in actual use, as I don't understand the background on this
subject very well myself. Can you provide more information on this?


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>Subject: RE: SDL-news: Fwd: [SDLTF-Members] SDL IS IN DANGER
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>Just adding my voice here to support Graf and Doldi, and probably scores of
>others that don't bother to use this medium to express their thoughts.
>While it is true that the SAVE construct complicates SDL, it is a mechanism
>that is well understood by the users, and is the only function available to
>reorder the signals in the input queue.
>The alternative, which me and others have experience with, is using more
>than one input queue with different priority. While this is attractive in
>implementation, it makes formal analysis more complicated, and has not been
>included in the language.
>Removing SAVE is not the way to simplify SDL, although you can simplify the
>implementation of an SDL design if SAVE is not in actual use (but that is
>another issue).
>The is not a monopoly of SDL tools, as far as I am aware of.
>Richard Sanders
>user of SDL since 1985

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