Subject: RE: SDL-News: Fwd: [SDLTF-Members] SDL IS IN DANGER
From: Sanders Richard (
Date: Thu Dec 18 2003 - 22:03:59 GMT

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Just adding my voice here to support Graf and Doldi, and probably scores of
others that don't bother to use this medium to express their thoughts.

While it is true that the SAVE construct complicates SDL, it is a mechanism
that is well understood by the users, and is the only function available to
reorder the signals in the input queue.

The alternative, which me and others have experience with, is using more
than one input queue with different priority. While this is attractive in
implementation, it makes formal analysis more complicated, and has not been
included in the language.

Removing SAVE is not the way to simplify SDL, although you can simplify the
implementation of an SDL design if SAVE is not in actual use (but that is
another issue).

The is not a monopoly of SDL tools, as far as I am aware of.


Richard Sanders
user of SDL since 1985
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