SDL-News: New book; Discount proceedings

Subject: SDL-News: New book; Discount proceedings
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 19:32:04 GMT

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Dear Colleagues,

New book

A new book has been added to the list at

Although this new book is entitled "UML 2 Illustrated" it is very relevant
to users of MSC and SDL for the reasons:

1) Existing methodologies already use UML object modelling in combination
with MSC and SDL;

2) UML2 has effective includes the MSC as sequence diagrams and SDL and
state machine diagrams (as will become obvious if you read this book);

3) ITU-T, ETSI and OMG are agreed that there should be further harmonisation
so that MSC and SDL should simply be UML profiles (published as ITU-T

See the SDL Forum WWW site and
for more details.

Discount proceedings

The Society still has copies of the proceedings of SDL2003, SAM2002, SDL2001
and SDL'93 at 21 pounds sterling for members and 28 pounds sterling for
non-members. See

Rick Reed -
Tel:+44 15394 88462 Mob.:+44 7970 50 96 50

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