SDL-News: Need help with Choice

Subject: SDL-News: Need help with Choice
From: Yair Lahav (
Date: Wed Oct 22 2003 - 08:32:36 GMT

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Hello Anders,

I am trying to use 'choice' as C union.

I have the following declarations (I am using Cinderella:

SYNTYPE bs_t = Bitstring constants size (24)

        i Integer,
        bs bs_t
} endnewtype;

When initializing this:

        DCL a c_t := bs:'000000000000000000000000'B;

BUT I am getting error when doing this:

        DCL b c_t := i:0;

Q1: Why?
Q2: How can I change the activation of fields?

Another way to do what I need is to convert Bitstring to Integer (or "cast"
Q3: How can I do it?

Thanks in advance,

Yair Lahav
tel: +972 (3) 5346180
mobile: +972 (54) 346180

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