SDL-News: Un-intuitive Type System

Subject: SDL-News: Un-intuitive Type System
From: Patrick Frend (
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 17:13:38 GMT

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Is it just me or is some of the symantics of the SDL type
system un-intuitive. You could even go so far as saying
"Dangerous" and I'd have a hard time dis-agreeing.

For example:

I need a type in various different contexts which may only
have a positive integral value that will fit into 16 bits

So I define

SYNTYPE PositiveInteger = Natural

Now this range of values is used in the
protocol for various different uses, so I want to separate
the types. So intuitively I define.

SYNTYPE MadeUpUseOne = PositiveInteger

SYNTYPE MadeUpUseTwo = PositiveInteger

I define 2 variables.

DCL instanceOne MadeUpUseOne;
DCL instanceTwo PositiveInteger;

Question1: What value do each of the variables have immediately after
Question2: What range of values that each of the variables may be assigned?

You may have to delve right into the small-print of the SDL language spec to
get the
"correct" answers. I did, but still don't understand!

Are there any other strange, but commonly used constructs lurking out there
to bite?

Patrick Frend

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