SDL-News: How to import a .c file in a SDL system?

Subject: SDL-News: How to import a .c file in a SDL system?
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Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 11:22:40 GMT

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Hi, members,
   I have a question in using SDL to develop a system. Though I can use the directive ##CODE to embed C code in SDL system, yet what i want to do now is to access a .c file outside of the SDL system. There are a lot of C functions and data structure in this .c file. I don't know how i can accomplish it.
   Reading the help file of TAU SDL suite 4.3, I know i can use the import specification to translate the C functions and variables to SDL counterparts, but this is only relevent to .h file, the C head file. Maybe i should modify the makefile?
   I am very confused, Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

best regards,
Tsinghua University, PR.China

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