Re: SDL-News: curly braces in task of sdl specification.

Subject: Re: SDL-News: curly braces in task of sdl specification.
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 19:41:46 GMT

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s p at wrote on 03/04/2003 19:44:

> Hello Friends,
> I generated a .sdl file using telelogic Tau. In the
> specifications curly braces are included for tasks.
> ----------------
> task {
> count := count + 1;
> }
> ----------------
> Are the curly braces included in new sdl standards
> like sdl96 and sdl2000? Because we have a sdl parser
> which accepts sdl92 grammar and which fails to accept
> the specifications having these curly braces.
> Thanking you all in advance,
> Sachin.

Dear Sachin,

The correct syntax in the textual form of SDL-2000, as defined in
Z.106(08/02), is

<task> ::=
          task [ <comment body> ]
          <left curly bracket> <task body> <right curly bracket>
          [ <end> <on exception> ]

The graphical syntax in Z.100(08/02) is:

<task area> ::=
       <task symbol> contains
                          <task body>
         [ is connected to <on exception association area> ]
     | <macro symbol> contains
                        { <macro name> [<macro call body>] }

Note that <task area> covers both tasks and macro calls in the graphical

<task body> ::=
     <statement list> | <informal text>

A statement list is a optional list of local variable definitions preceding
a list of statements each terminated by a semi-colon.

The curly brackets shall not be omitted in the textual form. If they
inserted in the graphical form, it just makes the statement list a compound

The SDL-96 syntax for task is the same as SDL-92. In SDL-92, the assignments
in a task were separated by a comma (the source of thousands of
typographical errors).

I suggest that you download the latest language definition for SDL.

Z.100 is available as a free download from:

(but for SDL Forum Society members there is a better version with
hyperlinked syntax, and also available in MS-Word format - which may be
better for extracting syntax - see below)

Z.106 now contains the textual syntax for tool interchange, otherwise known
as SDL/PR. This is not available as a free download from ITU-T. However, if
you are (or become and SDL Forum Society member you can download this from:

Society members can also download an enhanced version of the SDL-2000
standard at:

and old versions of SDL standards at:

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