Re: SDL-News: sub-state machine and persistent state

Subject: Re: SDL-News: sub-state machine and persistent state
From: Eckhardt Holz (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 09:55:41 GMT

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with most recent version of SDL (SDL-2000) sub-states are available in
SDL. The concept is called composite states, similar to UML you can
decompose a state into a sub-state machine a shallow and a deep history
mechanism as well as multiple entry and exit points are available too.
You may also decompose a state into multiple semi-concurrent state
machines (alternating execution of transitions).
However, I am not sure, whether any of the SDL tools (e.g. SDT/TAU,
Cinderella, etc) does already implement these new concepts.
For more information on SDL-2000 see my webpages with a tutorial:

Eckhardt Holz

Scott Shen wrote:
> Hi:
> Does anyone know how to model sub-state machine in SDL? Is it correct to
> say that we can define sub-state machines in procedures but whenever the
> procedure is called the sub-state always starts from "start"?
> Now I want to have multiple sub-state machines (each is run in a
> procedure) running concurrently inside a process, therefore every time
> the process leaves and returns to a procedure the revisited procedure
> should remember what was its last sub-state and resume from the same
> sub-state. Is there any way allow me to do something like that in SDL?
> Or, is there a better (the right way) approach?
> Thanks,
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