RE: SDL-News: code generation using ObjectGEODE-4.2

Subject: RE: SDL-News: code generation using ObjectGEODE-4.2
From: Y Giridhar Appaji Nag (
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 09:18:23 GMT

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> 1) During compilation, I get a warning saying "clock skew
> detected, the
> build might not be complete". I get this warning for all
> examples I try
> and surprisingly enough I am not using any timers at all.
> Shouldn't "clock
> skew" be a problem when I am manipulating time?

This is not a problem with the SDL but related to "building"
the generated code. It has nothing to do with the SDL or the
code that has been generated or even timers as you may think.
It is due to inconsistency in the timestamps on files that
are being compiled & the time reported by the system to the
"make" utility. It could be because the time on a NFS client
(on which u are building) is not in sync with the NFS server
(on which u probably generated the code). In general this is
not a problem but you should keep both the clocks in sync.

> 2) During execution, I am always getting an error message
> like the following:
> [0x0]KERNEL ERROR 0x8 a[shmget: FPAR management]: errno=17

I never worked with Object Geode but I feel that this should
be a documented error message. Did you check the manuals.


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