SDL-News: IP-address manipulation in SDL

Subject: SDL-News: IP-address manipulation in SDL
From: Stavroula Kampouridou (
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 12:12:34 GMT

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-----From Stavroula Kampouridou <> to sdlnews -----

Dear SDL experts,
I am new with SDL and I am working for my diploma thesis on
a project for wireless internet networks. My job is to describe the
interaction between an Access Point (AP) (or base station) and many
Mobile Terminals (MT). When a MT registers to the AP it has got to give
it's IP address. I have declared the IP addr as a charstring (the form
is like this 1951346723). Because the AP can accept many MTs I want the
IP_addresses of the MTs to change dynamically, so I have declared a
counter that increments every time a MT registers and the IP_addr is
like this : ip_addr:='19513467'//'counter' where
  dcl ip_addr charstring;
  dcl counter Integer;
When I analyze the system there are no errors.
But when I simulate it the IP_Address that all the MTs take is :
I would appreciate it if you could offer me some alternatives for IP
address manipulation in SDL.
I would also like to ask whether anyone has worked with IPv4 and IPv6
Because I have to implement an AP that recognizes whether the MT
supports v4 or v6 stack
and act accordingly.

Bets regards

Stavroula Kampouridou
University of Athens - Greece
Department of Informatics and Telecommunications

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