RE: SDL-News: Choice Primary

Subject: RE: SDL-News: Choice Primary
From: Carsten Krüger (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 11:15:18 GMT

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> >shouldn't the following SDL fragment be correct from a syntax point
> >of view?
> No.
Why not?
Of course this works

> decision a!present;
> (x): decision a!x;
> (0): return True;
> else: return False;
> enddecision;
> else: etc.
> enddecision;

and so does this,

decision a = x:0;
  (True): return True;
  else: return False;

but my intent was to understand WHY the use of a Choice Primary
in a decision question should not be allowed!

Regards Carsten

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