SDL-News: size_of_variable_structs

Subject: SDL-News: size_of_variable_structs
From: Rui Silva (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 22:20:28 GMT

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Dear Colleagues,
I'm member of SDL Forum, but I just work on real SDL about some months, and
I'm with a problem that probably for you more experienced with 'our'
language could be simple, so here it goes:

- I'm using ASN.1 in my SDL system, but the ASN.1 SEQUENCES, that are
trasnlated to SDL structs, will have a variable length, because the size of
some fields depends of the filling value(for instance, a 'name of a
- This way, the point of my question to you is: "There are any way(SDL
function) to calculate efficiently the number of bytes(the size) of a filled
struct, like there is in C the siizeof function" ?

Thanks in Advance,
Rui Silva

 Rui Miguel Soares Silva

 ESTIG - Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão
 IPB - Instituto Politécnico de Beja
 Rua Afonso III, nº1 e 3, Beja
 7800-050 Beja
 email 1:
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