SDL-News: ?: entity classes and 'state'

Subject: SDL-News: ?: entity classes and 'state'
From: Joerg Zieren ( )
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 13:44:00 GMT

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maybe someone can give me a hint on this: To what entity class does a
'state' belong?

I am trying to uniquely identify a state, which - according to the
visibility and naming rules - requires its name, entity class and scope
unit. Name and scope unit are clear (I hope :), but I have no idea what
the entity class might be. The book "SDL" by Ellsberger, Hogrefe & Sarma
lists the following entity classes (7.3.1, p. 195):

- system
- blocks
- channels and signal routes
- signals and timers
- processes
- procedures
- variables (including formal parameters), synonyms, literals, operators
- sorts
- generators
- imported entities
- signal lists
- services
- block and channel substructures

What does "block and channel substructures" mean? Could this be what a
state is classified as? (only guessing; I'm pretty new to SDL...)


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