MSC-News: MSC Bibliography (+call)

Subject: MSC-News: MSC Bibliography (+call)
From: Andre Engels (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 12:54:14 GMT

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Over the past years I have worked on MSCs at the Eindhoven University of
Technology. During this period, I have spent some time to compile a
bibliography of articles on Message Sequence Charts which was as complete
as possible. I now want to present this list to you; it contains about
400 entries. The bibliography can be downloaded in BibTeX, PostScript or
PDF at
[NOTE: June 2013 - link no longer valid] I hope it will be of use in your work,
and that you will inform me of any corrections or
additions to the list.

And as I have your attention now: I am at the moment looking for a Postdoc
position or other research job, preferably in the area of Formal Methods.
I would be glad to hear of anyone who either has a position available, or
knows of a position being available elsewhere, which might have my interest.


Andre Engels,

If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all -- Noam Chomsky

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