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Subject: Re: MSC-News: MSC Bibliography (+call)
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 14:35:14 GMT

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Andre Engels at wrote on 14/06/2001 13:54:

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> Over the past years I have worked on MSCs at the Eindhoven University of
> Technology. During this period, I have spent some time to compile a
> bibliography of articles on Message Sequence Charts which was as complete
> as possible. I now want to present this list to you; it contains about
> 400 entries. The bibliography can be downloaded in BibTeX, PostScript or
> PDF at
> I hope it will be of use in your work,
> and that you will inform me of any corrections or
> additions to the list.
> And as I have your attention now: I am at the moment looking for a Postdoc
> position or other research job, preferably in the area of Formal Methods.
> I would be glad to hear of anyone who either has a position available, or
> knows of a position being available elsewhere, which might have my interest.

Dear Andre,

I can't offer you a post doc position, but I would like to copy your bib
info to the SDL Forum server. Obviously we would keep an acknowledgement to
yourself, and "use before" date warning to the reader.

The reason that I would like to copy it, rather than just reference it - is
because such files are often deleted once the person that originated it
leaves the hosting organisation or looses interest in that topic.

Rick Reed -
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