MSC-News: HTML version of MSC-2000

Subject: MSC-News: HTML version of MSC-2000
From: Jeanne Reed (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 21:45:02 GMT

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In addition to the pdf version of MSC-2000 posted on the members area
earlier today
has also been made available.

This is a zipped set of browser files that members can download to their own
computer or local network as an MSC-2000 reference document.

The HTML version has the advantage that the syntax rules are hyperlinked.

This was not placed on the SDL Forum server as HTML for 2 reasons:

a) a takes a long time to download the document across the internet;
b) the Forum site is not yet set up to have members only WWW pages.

BTW: next week is the SAM work shop run by the Society, and the admin office
will be closed until next Friday (30 June).

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