MSC-News: semantics of parallel nodes in HMSC

Subject: MSC-News: semantics of parallel nodes in HMSC
From: Gwang Sik Yoon (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 10:04:14 GMT

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Dear HMSC community,

While I was studying the formal definitions of MSCs,
I hit up some questions concerning the prarallel composition.

1. Is the || operator present in Def. B.6.11.3, 71p, Z.120B,
  same as the delayed parallel composition operator of B.4.6, 33p, Z.120B?

2. What is the rationale of the purely interleaving operator of ||
   (that is what Table B.3, B.4.6, 33p, Z.120B says, isn't it?)
   which says nothing more than that the two MSCs have nothing to do with
   each other? Or is there any other interpretation than that for
   || operator?

Thank you for any comments in advance. :)

Best regards,
Gwang Sik Yoon

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