Re: MSC-News: Partial and Total ordering of MSC

Subject: Re: MSC-News: Partial and Total ordering of MSC
From: Jochen Klose (Jochen.Klose#Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE)
Date: Mon Nov 09 1998 - 07:35:17 GMT

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Rick Reed TSE wrote:
> If, however, you find that such a downloaded file from the ITU is the same
> as one you previously accessed, please complain vigorously to the ITU and
> let Oystein and myself know. We will also complain to the ITU if they are
> providing the wrong documents.
I don't think downloading the file from the ITU would do much good,
because I downloaded it about two weeks ago and it contains the same
faulty figure.
Jochen Klose

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