Re: MSC-News: Partial and Total ordering of MSC

Subject: Re: MSC-News: Partial and Total ordering of MSC
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 16:36:09 GMT

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At 16:33 +0000 5/11/98, Aldo Buratti wrote:
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>Really, it seems strange to me that my copy of the Z.120 document is
>different from the official one, since I took it from an on-line CD-ROM
>in the IntraNet of a "primary telecom company".

You are not the first person to have encountered this problem. It seems
that some major telecommunications companies:

1) are either have incompetant technical support services or are too mean
to purchase access to the real ITU standards;

2) seem to think that they are not subject to copyright law.

(There may be some connection between (2) and (1)!!)

However, to overcome this problem I suggest you get your own copy of the
real standard. Downloading a single copy of a single standard from the ITU
is not too expensive, and can be paid for by credit card. Of course, you
may find it difficult to get your organisation to re-pay you, but you
should be able to justify it if the organisation is not capable of
providing the technical support that you need.

If, however, you find that such a downloaded file from the ITU is the same
as one you previously accessed, please complain vigorously to the ITU and
let Oystein and myself know. We will also complain to the ITU if they are
providing the wrong documents.

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