MSC-News: Z.120 Published version is dubious

Subject: MSC-News: Z.120 Published version is dubious
From: Oystein Haugen (
Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 12:18:38 GMT

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Dear MSC friends

Thanks to Aldo Buratti and others we have become aware that the
published version of the Z.120 is not entirely as the submitted
original. As Rapporteur from 1996 and final editor of the MSC-96 Word
6.0 version, I must admit that I have not understood what the ITU
editing departement could do to the standard! I have assumed that the
only thing they would do would be to add a few pages in the front and
add cryptic numbers to the illustrations. This was not the case.

It appears that the editing department has handled _all_ illustrations
through a tool called Designer and the conversion from Word has not been
perfect. In addition they have most probably added some artistic
alterations (:-(

In fact quite a few unwanted effects have occurred in the published
version. I have made it clear that I cannot take the responsibility for
the published version even though an untrained eye will have problems in
seeing the difference. One significant difference occurred in Figure 4-1
which was pointed out by Aldo Buratti. I have made it clear that I
cannot take the time to check all words and all illustrations.

Therefore I have agreed with ITU that a new version will be published.
Those who have paid for the old version will get the new one free.

I shall keep this mailing list updated about the progress of the new
publishing. Even though we will make a new published version, the
current one is of course still 99% OK, so please do not believe that it
is totally corrupt. The new publishing procedure will of course be as
swift as possible, but with ITU I am not sure what that really means.

Oystein Haugen
Rapporteur MSC

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