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SDL '01: Meeting UML
10th SDL Forum
Workshops: Wednesday 26 June, 19:30
(Updated 19 Aug 2005)

Building off-the-shelf software components with SDL

The workshop presented a background on the reuse vision and an overview of what software reuse looks like today. There followed a presentation on typical problems with development for reuse and development with reuse and how SDL can be used within this problem domain. Illustrating examples were given using components of the Bluetooth™ protocol and the Wireless Application Protocol. An overview of the content is presented below,

Background (The SW Crisis, Expectations)
Benefits with reuse
Why did it fail?
Perhaps it did not fail
Opportunities with SDL
Development for reuse
A protocol stack, a typical SW Component
Case Study 1 - Creating a Model
Case Study 2 - Creating an Application
Typical concerns when developing with SDL
Application development vs. development of reusable components
Development with reuse
SDL 2000 Benefits
Possible improvements of SDL
Tool Requirements

Timing in Modelling Languages

The workshop provided the opportunity discuss recent work related to timing in modelling languages as an extension to the Timing papers presented earlier during the day.

Introduction to INTERVAL
Concrete applications, point out questions
Presentation of extensions on MSC2000
Presentation of extensions on TTCN-3
Pre-standardization view on timed SDL

SDL Formal Semantics: Industrial Need or Academic Pleasure?
U. Glaesser, R. Gotzhein and A. Prinz (Organizers)

This workshop was combined with the workshop on Timing. It provided a presentation of issues related to the formal semantics of SDL-2000. A brief informal survey of the current formal semantics, as approved by ITU, and the rationale behind it served as input. Fundamental questions were addressed concerning the role of SDL's formal definition with respect to language standardization and implementation of SDL tools. Correctness and executability of the formal model were briefly addressed as well.


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