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Date: Tue Oct 05 1999 - 07:23:07 GMT

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>I am new to SDL
>Is there a good book or website which
>has a good tutorial on SDL?
>could anyone help?

The SDL home page has a free tutorial on SDL, albeit the now obsolete 1988
version of SDL is presented there, it is still good reading for novices.

In addition to the good books that can be found on we politely inform you that
our product, TIMe - The Integrated Method, has a good SDL Tutorial.

The SDL Tutorial in TIMe is, in its FrameMaker format, quite elaborate,
including the possiblity of clicking in SDL diagrams and finding out what
the graphics mean, and eventually leading you to the appropriate section of
the SDL standard, if desirable.

We welcome you to visit our web site at and obtaining a
free download of our "at a glance" report, and purchasing the TIMe CD at a
reasonable price.

We hope this is of help.

Richard T. Sanders
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