SDL-News: SDL in IP- world; telecoms world

Subject: SDL-News: SDL in IP- world; telecoms world
From: Reinhard Scholl (
Date: Tue Sep 28 1999 - 11:18:28 GMT

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I'd appreciate any information / pointers on the following questions:

(1) SDL versions of Internet (IETF) protocols:
- Have people been using SDL when implementing older IETF protocols,
  or are planning to use SDL to implement new IETF protocols?
- Are there publicly available SDL versions of IETF protocols?
- Do people use conformance tests written in TTCN (generated from
  SDL) for IETF protocols?

(2) On the SDL-market in general (Internet, telecoms world):
- Are there studies that show how many companies are using SDL
  for their in-house development?
- Are there studies that demonstrate the cost savings of using SDL
  in the development process?

(3) Is SDL commonly taught at universities?

Thanks much

        Reinhard Scholl

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